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Who are you and why are you doing this?



  • Leopoldine Prosperetti

    Dear Ben, you have created a wondrous universe where the dwelling is good. I am proud to be part of your project, and I look forward to be guided by the Shepherd in the New Year. Best wishes to all, Leopoldine.


  • Joseph Jean Baptiste Jolicoeur

    Dear Ben,

    This is wonderful! I share those ideals too, and I am happy to know there are other people like me in this world. Wherever we are, whatever our circumstances or identities, we are all individuals sharing the same human experience. Life would be outstanding if we all acknowledged our shared humanity. Since we are all born one day and will die one day, for that reason, we should treat each other with respect and consideration.

    This is a great project, and I am proud to be part of it.

    Keep it up.

  • John Poniske


    Your invitation came out of the blue. Surprised and delighted by the scope of your project I eagerly dived in. I did my research. I composed and submitted my list and sent it in. The process was super simple, responses were timely and communications most gracious. I am impressed with what you are doing for both authors and readers. Wishing you great success in the future!

  • Ben

    Thanks John :), working on more every day!


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